Lubbock Dragway
August 29, 2004
By Alfonso Acevedo Jr.

(Idalou, TX) Western Bracket Finals

Lubbock Dragway hosted the 19th Annual Western Bracket Finals over the Labor Day weekend. Special thanks goes out to Hobbs, Roswell, Wall, and Lubbock racers, fans, and pit crews for keeping the West Texas Tradition alive. Everyone I talked to enjoyed the camaraderie and friendly competition.

Due to vast number of cars in the Hobbs and Lubbock’s A and B team, racers had to face-off against each other. When the battled stopped and the smoke cleared the Lubbock A team had edged out Lubbock B team by only 2 points. The Lubbock B team did not have a complete team, but they did have heart and skilled competitors.

In a matchless toddlers race Alyssa Tuttle wheeled her wagon to victory with the help from her mom, Melanie. Alyssa dedicated the picture to her dad E-4 Randy Tuttle (Army) who is overseas. Pit crew included her adoring Grandparents Lee and Julie Polk.

Saturday 4th
Race of Champions- Alvin Smith (Hobbs, N.M) in his 9 second Rail took top honors by edging out Josh Willis‘ (Roswell, N.M.) 9 second dragster.

Managers’ Race- Dennis “The Menace” Bernard (Lubbock Dragway) in a borrowed `96 Mustang snatched the win with a 15.791 (15.79) and made C.D. Watson (Hobbs Motorsports Park) ride the brakes to a break out because of a better reaction.

Electronics- Josh Willis (Roswell, N.M.) committed the lesser foul in a double break-out to capture the win over Johnny Ables (Hobbs, N.M.). Willis had a .025 light and 9.159 (9.18) to Ables’ .072 and 10.392 (10.42). Larry Stokes and Mike Belk were the class semis.

Non-Electronics- Kirk Myers (Hobbs, N.M.) in his `67 Nova stopped Jerry Cottrell (Lubbock, TX.) from picking up his fifth win on his home track. Chad Guthrie was the lone semi.

Street- New comer Alex Roman (Lubbock, TX.) had first-rate reaction times and consistent E.T.’s to seize the win in his `72 Buick. Jason Maclaskey (Lubbock, TX.) was second best after he red-lit in the finals. Carlos Rendon rounded out the top three.

Sunday 5th
Electronics- Bill Dennis (Dexter, N.M.) took the purse away from Layton Garrett (Plainview, TX) when Garrett broke out with a heart breaking -.004. Dennis had a .090 light and 9.920 (9.90) to Garrett’s El Camino .035 and 10.746 (10.75). Mike Belk was the class semi.

Non-Electronics- Craig Taft (Dalhart, TX.) wheeled his `66 Chevy over Don “The Fuel Man” Mandrell for the payday. Taft had a .050 and 9.721 (9.70) to Mandrell’s Nova .036 and 10.535 (10.56). Gregg Davis and Lawrence Sanders fought thru the tough field to take the semi spots.

Street Money- Gregg Davis (Olton, TX.) had the advantage on the tree to take the win over Juvey Pena (Lubbock, TX.). Davis in his `75 Duster had a .062 and 12.417 (12.31) to Pena’s .123 and 12.876 (12.77) in his street legal `66 Chevy PU. Shane Brister rounded out the top three.

Jr. Dragster - Sonjia Cortez (Plainview, TX) in her rear engine dragster races to the final round win.