The Southwest Superchargers held their second race of the year June 11 at Lubbock Dragway. The track prep was impeccable, the weather cooperated, and the results were predictable.

Eleven huffed heavies hauled their operations to West Texas for Race 2 of '05. Qualifying opportunities began on time with Jacob Penner (Seminole/r.e.d.) and rookie Jason Kiscadon (Alamogordo/r.e.d.). Penner's first SWSC pass of the season yields a way-under index 7.32. Kiscadon takes his time, lifts early and goes a 9.70. Next up is the oldest car of the group (Eddie Tidwell/'65 slingshot) facing one of the newest (Julian Moody/KB r.e.d.). Moody's 7.96 finishes ahead of Tidwell's 8.43. Pair 3 consists of Bill Norman in the "Flashback" funster (Hemi) and the First Lady of the SWSC, Sue Stringer (427). Sue kicks off the pair with a .002 r.t., 7.85 to Norman Bros. sub-index 7.52. Gary Hill (T or C r.e.d) next runs Alex Clements driving John Harpers re-bodied altered, now 77 'Vette funny car. Clements has trans brake gremlins, no time. Hills B-1 makes a 7.85. In Don David's first appearance of 2005, his running mate will be SWSC Race 1 winner and points leader Mike McCoy (Colo./altered). McCoy's "Flying Dinosaur" takes the stripe first, 7.82, as David's Bantam bodied car struggles to an 8.34. Finally, Mike Jones (altered/Lubbock) tears off a 7.83 single.

Ninety minutes later, under threatening skies the Southwest Superchargers make their way to the lanes for Q-2. Qualifying pairs remain, only the lanes change. Jacob Penner starts the session, 7.74 and Jason Kiscadon improves to an 8.50. Sue Stringer goes red, but improves with a 7.82 against Bill Norman, who slows to an 8.24. Eddie Tidwell steps up to an 8.06 against Julian Moody's #1 effort, 7.71 on the SWSC index of 7.70. Gary Hill runs a dead-consistent 7.86 opposite Clements/Harpers funny, 11.35, trans failure. Mike McCoy improves slightly, 7.79 as Don David steps up big time, 7.81. And Mike Jones stays bracket-like, 7.80.

As always with the Southwest Superchargers, all runs are considered when drawing up ladders. No penalties are assessed for sub-7.70 index runs. Blowers required, no electronics.

And the pairings for Round 1 are: #4 Mike Jones (altered) gets #5 Don David (altered). #3 Mike McCoy (altered) meets #6 Sue Stringer (dragster). #2 Jacob Penner (dragster) will run #7 Gary Hill (dragster). and #1 Julian Moody (dragster) opposes #8 Bill Norman (funster). Outside the field: #9 Eddie Tidwell (slingshot), #19 Jason Kiscadon (dragster), and #11 Clements/Harper (funny car).

Round 1 of eliminations lines up around 8:00 p.m. and is kicked off by Mike McCoy, current points leader, and Sue Stringer. Sue takes a big r.t. advantage and couples it with a perfect pass 7.704 to trailer McCoy's respectable 7.84. Gary Hill comes out on top of a double break-out fracas with Jacob Penner, 7.58 to 7.51. Next up, the altereds of Don David (327 sbc) and Mike Jones (500plus). Jones tears off for the finish line, not knowing David is having problems. Jones runs under, 7.66. David advances on a troubled 9.60. Norman Bros/ Fabulous Fat Boys "Flashback" meet #1 Julian Moody, and Moody's 7.91 promotes him ahead of Normans 8.24. #9 Eddie Tidwell next pairs up with #10 Jason Kiscadon for an extra pass. NOW Tidwell improves to 7.85, which one run earlier would have gotten him into the qualified field. Jason improves slightly, 8.43.

The semi-final round at Lubbock Dragway is lined up, waiting for the "START" directive. #6 Sue Stringer readies herself to run #7 Gary Hill. Hill stumbles on the line, but catches Sue before the stripe, 7.92 to a relaxed 8.24. OOPS! #5 Don David lights off for his battle with #1 Julian Moody. David "bulbs" and watches Moody take the pass, 7.77 to 10.97.

Analyzing the upcoming final, we see two rear-engined dragsters, one big-inch Mopar from New Mexico, one big-inch Chevy K-B from Texas. The crowd anticipates a sub-index slug fest but the teams have other ideas. At the green, Moody leaves with a.006 r.t. and runs 7.83 to win the race over Hills quicker 7.77.

A new funny car, entrants from three states, and an all 7-second qualified field combine to make a memorable Southwest Superchargers race for all who attended, racer and fan alike.

Thanks to Dennis and the Crew at Lubbock Dragway for a great racing surface. Hope to see you again.
Pictures to be added soon!

Stay tuned as the SWSC Traveling Horsepower Display next goes to Penwell Raceway July 16. See you there!

Cars: 11
Spread: 7.527-7.859 .332!
7-sec runs 25
8-sec runs 7
Long distance: Mike McCoy (470 miles) Thanks!
#1 Qualifier: 7.71 (Moody)
Best run-to-index: 7.704 (Stringer)
Best r.t.: .002 (Stringer)
Best r.t. of elim: .006 (Moody)
Best m.p.h: 186.68 (Penner)