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Lubbock Dragway - Thunder on the Plains
PARTICIPATE IN 2008....Serving the West Texas Area for 36 years
Call 806-762-0627 for Updates/Cancellations or Rescheduling

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Lubbock Dragway Track Rules
Racers Should Know The Following
(All Classes)

  1. If the starter calls it, itís final.

  2. Racer must approve dial-inís before performing a water burnout.

  3. One time through the lights, Super-Pro only.

  4. NO DEEP Staging allowed.

  5. Bright red taillights must be used when track lights are turned on.

  6. NO strobe tail lights.

  7. NO alcohol in the staging lanes.

  8. NO driving and drinking alcohol.

  9. NO burnoutís or test runs on the return road.

  10. 15 MPH on the return road, this includes tow vehicles.

  11. 10 MPH by the stands and in the pit area.

  12. NO children under 16 driving RV equipment. ATV  & M/C must have vehicle # on unit that brought it.

  13. IF atv or m/c used by none lic. driver the racer that brought unit will be warned 1 time about use.

  14. Cannot have two drivers in one car in one bracket.

  15. If race vehicle breaks down in time trials, you can run tow vehicle. (class rated)

  16. NO one in tower except employees.

  17. NO electronic track locators allowed Ė no exceptions.

  18. NO down track ignition stutterís allowed.

  19. NO transbrake testing in the Staging lanes or pit areas.

  20. NHRA rules and guidelines will be used for safety.

  21. Dial Inís must be in white and visible (4" high or larger) Drivers Side & Frt. W/S

One of the rarities at an event is the situation in which two cars are disqualified during the same elimination race. In most cases, both offending contestants are disqualified. Those situations include:

    • Both drivers crossing the boundary line.

    • Both drivers deep stage.

    • Both drivers breaking track safety rules.

Should a driver receive a red light foul start, and the opposing driver crosses the lane boundary line, the latter infraction would prevail and the driver committing the foul would be reinstated. In determining lane boundary crossing violations, it is considered a disqualification when any potion of a tire completely crosses the painted line surface. In cases where both opponents cross the center line our outside line both opponents will be disqualified. In situations where multiple boundary lines are utilized, the line directly adjacent to the competitors racing lane will be used for reference. Any time it has been judged that excessive braking has resulted in the loss of control as to cause contact with the guardrail, light fixtures, or crossing the center boundary lines, the driver will be disqualified. Intentional crossing of boundary lines to leave track or avoid depositing debris on track is not grounds for disqualification.

  1. ALL M/C & ATV's  & golf carts & even scooters & motorized anything ,must have vehicle # on them. NO one w/o drivers license allowed to drive these. 1st - Warning will be issued, 2nd - We will disqualify the racer that allowed use of the  vehicle. insurance has changed for all riders.

  2. To protest a racers qualifications, you must put up $50 for a  vehicle inspection. If protested part(s) are found, the racer will be banned from the track, 1st = 1 month, 2nd = life,  & protester will get money back. If racer is found to be legal in the protest then the accused racer gets the protest fee.  

Non-Electronics Racers / Modified / Street (Trophy) Rules:

  1. NO delay boxes are allowed in the vehicle.

  2. NO two-step is allowed.

  3. NO transbrake EQUIPPED vehicles. Must be out of trans.

  4. NO throttle stop is allowed

  5. NO timed or RPM activated shift allowed.

  6. Nitrous Oxide allowed. 

  7. An engine rev-limiter is allowed.

  8. A line lock is allowed.  (FRONT BRAKES ONLY)

  9. A shift light is allowed.

  10. A high stall torque converter is allowed.

  11. Slicks allowed except noted.
    Note: Heavy =
    (Any size slicks or street tires) NEW 2004
    Note: Street = Slicks not allowed. 

  12. Open exhaust are allowed all.

Bye Backs after 1st round elimination:

  1. Bye backs all run each other in their respective class.

  2. Odd number car count Ė last bye back vehicle will run a winner from 1st round.

  3. Bye back in the second round cannot have a bye run.

  4. Starting in the 3rd round anybody can have a bye run.



Disclaimer: The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the conduct of all events, and by participating in the events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official. Only the track promoter shall be empowered to permit minor deviations from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alterations of specifications. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of IMP officials. The Lubbock Dragway official decision is final.